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Where do I get Microplan branches?     

Branch Contact list sent

What are your working hours    

Monday to Friday: 0800hrs – 1500hrs

Saturday: 0800hrs – 1130hrs

Is there a 24 hour Customer Contact Centre?

Yes, it is. You can reach us on the following platforms:

  • Toll free: 220 – 08080025/26
  • WhatsApp: 0772419693 / 0732152647 / 0772152647
  • Skype: FBC Help Centre
  • Facebook: FBC Holdings
  • Twitter: @FBCHoldings
  • LinkedIn: FBC Holdings
  • Email: help@fbc.co.zw

Is there a way I can check my loan account balance other than contacting the branch?

Unfortunately, you need to get in touch with your home branch.

How do I pay for my loan?

  • ZIPIT to FBC 6415208860664
  • ZIPIT to CBZ 23526040011
  • ECOCASH Biller Code 66954.

How do I apply for a loan with Microplan?

Visit your closet branch with the loan requirements.

Can I borrow and seed my title deeds?  

Loans are not based on collateral but regular source of income.


I need a personal loan, what are the requirements?

The requirements for personal loans are:

  • Current payslip
  • 3 months bank statement or 3 consecutive payslips
  • Confirmation of employment
  • Proof of residence
  • Passport photo
  • Original and valid Identification document.

How long is the waiting period?

  • It takes 1 working day/ 24 hours.
  • Does anyone qualify for the loan?
  • Government Pension, Civil Servants, Uniformed forces excl. ZNA & Air force.
  • NSSA pensions if you bank with FBC.
  • Referred FBC account holders.
  • University staff members: UZ, ZOU, HIT. MSU, NUST, BUSE, LUT, CUT, GZU

How much can I get?

3 times one’s monthly net salary before Covid allowance.

What are the upfront charges? 

  • Establishment fees @6% of loan amount.
  • Loan Insurance @ 2% of loan amount.
  • Funds transfer ZWL$100.00 flat.
  • Loan application fees @ zwl$200.00 flat.   

Do these charges apply to all loan products?      

Yes, except for the Pay day loan facility.

Which products fall under individual loans?        

Home improvement, ICT gadgets, Medical, Emergency, Motor Bikes, Motor vehicle licencing: servicing & repairs, Consumption, School fees, Agriculture, Poultry etc.

Who are the suppliers of vendor facilities?          

Various across all industrial sectors

Is it possible to pay off my loan early before the agreed maturity date?


Can I do my application online?

Not at the moment.

I am a repeat client, should I bring new loan requirement documents?

Yes, current documents are required

What is the maximum loan tenure?

12 months.

How do you arrive at the instalment you charge for your loans? 

Interest is charged on the capital balance at the beginning of each month.

Do you offer USD loans?


Do I get my loan in cash?

No, loan proceeds are transferred to your account of choice.

What is the loan minimum amount?      

ZWL$1 000.00

What is the loan maximum amount?     

3 times one’s monthly net salary

How do you arrive at the instalment you charge for your loans? 

Reducing balance method.

What is the minimum loan tenure ?       

1 month

What is a pay day loan?

Emergency loan usually amount required is below an individual’s net salary. Repayment period is 1-3 months. Product does not have upfront charges.

Who qualifies for a Pay day loan?           

  • Civil servants excl. Airforce & ZNA
  • University employees

Does a Pay day loan have the same requirements with all the other loans?             

Yes, one needs to provide the required documents.

Can I get a Pay day loan if I have a running loan with Microplan?

Yes, if one meets qualifying criteria.

Do you offer Motor bikes, motor vehicles and smart phones?     

We have partners where one can select and collect their gadgets from. Unfortunately, motor vehicles are no longer on offer.

How do I get a phone or motor bike?     

Liaise with partners for cost and choice of gadget.


What is a group loan?   

Loans offered to more than 2 people for a common purpose who secure each other

What is the target market?        

Rural farmers, Flea markets, Small business enterprises, Projects

What is the minimum number and maximum number of group members?             

Ranges between 2-20 individuals depending with trade. The groups should be manageable.

What are the loan requirements?           

Constitution, Minutes of meeting on resolution to borrow, Guarantor for each individual, security pledge for all members.

Does one get total amount applied?      

Upfront charges apply for all Microplan loan products.

How are funds disbursed?          

Into chosen account for group members or direct to partner account.

Does the product have grace period?     

It can be negotiated depending with group trade however interest charge is not forgone.

What is the repayment period?

1 – 12months.


Who qualifies for a business loan?          

Micro enterprises, Order financing, small scale businesses

What are the requirements for Micro enterprise loans? 

  • Write up on when the business started, business operations customers, suppliers , current monthly turnovers etc
  • Current financial institutions where you have arrangements if any
  • Profile of Directors/ Management team (experience qualifications etc.)
  • Current bankers – Plus 3 months’ bank statement
  • Cashflow projections for 2021
  • Financial statements for the past 3 years or for 2021(Management accounts)
  • Full company documents CR14, memos and articles of association, director’s ids, proof of residence
  • Tax Clearance certificate

What are the requirements for order financing?

  • Letter/s of undertaking (irrevocable) from customers stating that all payments to be directed to FBC bank account.  (The letter should quote the following info:  FBC Bank Acc number, Branch, Branch code and company account name
  • 6 months’ bank statements
  • Original copies of orders to be financed and proforma invoices from suppliers
  • Financial statements, cashflow projection.  All company registration documents
  • Collateral (Title deeds, shares, investments)
  • Copies of I.DS’s, proof of residence for directors
  • Company profile

What are the disbursement options under Business loans?         

FBC account only. Business should open an FBC corporate account.

What is the loan amount limits?

Determined by business worthy and ability to pay within the stipulated period.

What is the maximum loan tenure?        

  • 6 months for new business
  • Up to 12 months for repeat business.