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 The advantages of the hospital plan are: 
      • There is an absolute freedom of choice since one can use the cash in any way they wish to i.e. paying school fees, utility bills etc. 
      • Cash payouts of US$100 and US$50 for adults and kids respectively 
      • Pays up to US$3000 and US$1500 for adults and kids  per  event you are in hospital (after 48hours) 
      •  Pre-existing conditions/ailments  covered (including HIV/Aids) 
      •  Should you be diagnosed with HIV/Aids or any chronic ailment after the commencement of your policy, you will be covered 
      • It can cover shortfalls from medical aid 
Waiting periods; 
      • Immediate cover for incidents (no waiting period). 
      • There is a 3 month waiting period for other illnesses 
      • There is a 6 months waiting period for surgeries. 
      •  Covers people from 3 months to 64 years 
      •  Does not cover pregnancy