Covers destruction or damage by fire, lightning or fire following an explosion.

Loss of profit

Covers reduction in turnover or an increase in the cost of working during the indemnity period as a result of loss or damage to premises following a fire.

House owners/Householders

Covers household contents and the building(including boundary walls) against accidental loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, thunderbolt, explosion, tempest, flood, impact with road vehicles, bursting or overflowing of pipes and tanks, falling trees and branches and housebreaking.

Business all risk

Covers specified insured property of a business concern against accidental loss or damage.


Covers against loss or damage as a result of theft accompanied by forcible or violent entry into or exit from the premises.


Provides cover against loss of money in transit or at the premises including residences of partners and directions subject to certain limits.

Plate Glass

Covers the costs of replacing broken glass, ornamentation, sign-writing, including the costs of boarding up of windows which is necessary prior to replacement.