Marine Hull

Covers loss or damage to the ship itself against damage world-wide subject to marine clauses and conditions.

Marine Cargo

Covers loss or damage to cargo in transit world-wide subject to marine clauses and conditions.

Small Craft

Covers the insured boat against loss or damage caused by any peril not otherwise excluded.


Aviation Hull

This covers the aircraft itself from the time it is stationary, taking off, flying, landing and stationary again against damage from fire, theft, vandalism, flood and bird and animal damage. In some cases cover is separated between the various stages.  Cover is offered between stationary and take-off, take-off and landing and landing to stationary. This is done as it is perceived that the risks at these various stages are different.

Aviation liability 

Liability under aviation is separated into two broad categories namely public liability and passenger liability. Public liability, often called third party liability covers aircraft owners for damage that their aircraft causes to third party property such as houses, cars, airport facilities and other aircraft struck in a collision. It does not cover damage to the aircraft itself or coverage for passengers injured on the insured aircraft.

With passenger liability cover, this is for passengers flying in the aircraft who get injured, killed or have their property damaged. In many jurisdictions, this cover is mandatory for commercial or passenger-carrying aircraft.

Goods In transit


Covers loss or damage (in Zimbabwe) to property described in the schedule while under the responsibility of the insured , in the course of transit by means incidental thereto and caused by an accident or misfortune or negligence of the insured where the insured is legally responsible and not otherwise excluded.



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