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The Treasury department offers a wide range of short term investment (below 1 year) products designed to suit investor preference, ranging from 30, 60 and 90 days at competitive market rates. Investments are on a 365 day calendar basis and return is calculated on a per annum basis and commonly referred to as Money Market investments.

FBC Building Society’s liquidity is managed by our Treasury Department; effectively ensuring sustained cash flow management and honouring our obligations to you. Our Treasury department oversees a quality asset base through prudent and profitable investment strategies while maintaining a healthy mix of liabilities. The department also manages exposure to Interest rate Risk, Liquidity Risk and Reputational Risk among other risks.  

Who can participate?

Anyone can invest funds on the Money Market. Individuals, corporates, partnerships, cooperatives and groups of individuals. 

How can one invest?

To invest with FBC BS Treasury all you need is an investment account and the funds which you intend to invest.

Below are investment account opening requirements:

1. Account opening forms – which include authorized signatories and signing arrangements.

2. Indemnity form (against email/telephone instructions)

3. Standard Settlement Instructions (Letter detailing any bank accounts to be used for settlements /transferring funds on maturity)

4. Authorization letter from CEO/ Head, for appointed officers to transact on the account. ( for companies) 

How much can one invest?

Minimum initial Investment is $100 000.00 for Individuals and Companies, there after additional investments can be made to increase the Investment

Download the Investment Form .