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Business Banking

1. Value Chain Financing

FBC Building Society offers financing to players in the Agricultural, Mining and manufacturing value chain systems.  

2. Vanilla Loans and Overdrafts

The Society can arrange the right product to meet your short or medium-term financial needs.

3. Order Financing & Invoice Discounting

The Society offers order financing and invoice discounting to qualifying customers with confirmed orders and debtors consisting of reputable companies.

4. Bankers’ Acceptance

FBC Building Society avails short-term working capital finance at market determined interest / discount rates on a re-discountable bill basis.

5. Lease Financing

FBC Building Society’s lease finance product is the perfect solution for your asset-financing requirements over the medium-term. The Society finances the following assets at competitive interest rates and terms without stressing your business cash flows.

The lease facility is aligned with each customer’s cash flows to facilitate smooth repayment terms and business’ growth. 

6. Solar Finance Scheme

Should the business need financing to install solar systems, the Society through its partners can avail relevant credit facilities.