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Money Market

We deal in an exciting range of money market instruments that are available to both corporates and individuals. FBC Building Society offers competitive investment rates. Call us today for more information on our offers: 

Treasury Bills 

A risk-free, instrument issued by the Government at a discount and payable at par on maturity. It is traded in the secondary market. 

Negotiable Certificate of Deposits 

A must for the astute investor, this instrument is guaranteed by the bank and can usually be sold in a highly liquid secondary market. 

Fixed Deposits 

Enjoy a product with a higher rate of interest than your regular savings account. This financial instrument, guarantees investors security until the given maturity date on their investment. 

Bankers Acceptances 

Banker's Acceptance (BA’s) is a debt instrument issued by a firm that is guaranteed by a commercial bank. It is a promised future payment which is accepted and guaranteed by a bank and drawn on a deposit at the Bank. BA’s are traded at a discount on the secondary market.

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