Transactional Accounts

FBC Bank Retail Banking

Current Accounts

Enjoy wider access to convenience when you open a current account with us. When you make that big leap, FBC Bank will give you access to basic transactional requirements from salary, ATM cards, mobile and internet banking. 

Come into your nearest branch today or complete your account application form here

Mobile Moola Scholar Account

Our Mobile Moola Scholar account offers a low-cost transactional solution for students to receive funds and make payments with full electronic delivery channel access. If you are in college or any other tertiary institution, then this one is for you. Bring your student ID or any acceptable proof of registration now and our friendly staff will quickly assist you.

Senior Citizen Account

Senior citizens, get hassle free banking when you open an account with us. If you are over 60 years of age, our service is free. No queues. No fuss. Just seamless access to the most important things that matter to you and then some. An ATM card comes as standard, but real icing on the cake is in our value added services - Internet banking, Mobile Moola, FBC MasterCard and alerts. It’s the least that we could do for you. After all, you have earned our respect. Call us now to open your Senior Citizen Account!