Savings and Investment

FBC Bank Retail Banking

FBC Savings Account

Do you want a low cost account where you keep a minimum $50 deposit and a maximum of 2 withdrawals per month? Done! Simply make monthly deposits and build your savings at your pace. It’s that easy, stick to the terms and conditions and our monthly service is free. Come in and get signed up! 

Milestone Account

Achieve the goals you have set for yourself in one fell swoop with FBC Bank‘s Milestone Account. If you fix a deposit of at least $500 over a minimum of 90 days, you can earn a healthy interest to meet those often pressing needs from school fees, purchase of household effects or deposit for a stand etc. We are your partner for success. Call us now to apply

Junior Saver

Catch them young and teach them the value of saving for their future whilst you can with our FBC Junior Saver savings account. If parents have a minor under the age of 18, you can assist them to open and sign over the account. With a minimum balance of $10 and unlimited deposits to the account, only 1 free withdrawal per month can be made. Absolutely foolproof. Come in for a solution that toasts to your child’s future!