Underwritten by FBC Insurance Company

We provide a one-stop solution for all your banking and insurance needs. FBC Bank provides convenience to its customers by offering them various insurance products  through its extensive branch network.  If you need to renew your insurance, FBC Bank is the partner for you. Call us now to renew your insurance policy.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Secure your motor vehicle with our comprehensive insurance plan and get peace of mind through us. Our service and claim settlement record is second to none. How can we be of service to you?

Homeowners Insurance

Get cover for your property from any unforeseen risks like fire floods and other disasters from the people who really care. Give us a call now, to safeguard your most valuable asset.

Household Effects

We provide separate cover for the contents of your home from possible risks such as fire, theft, floods at a competitive premium. Try us for size. We are the best.


Your home or business property are perhaps your most valuable asset, we have the right insurance solutions to cover you. Give us a shout, we are right up your street.


Our funeral assurance policies are tailormade to tide you over the most difficult times for you and your loved ones. With you in mind, our partners will be that shoulder to cry on when you most need the support. Take heart in our funeral assurance solutions. Email us now on or call on your nearest branch for cover.

Hospital Cash Plan

Life can have unpleasant surprises which sometimes ends with hospitalisation due to illness or injury. If you are a breadwinner, this means you have lost your income all the time you are confined to a hospital bed. Our hospital cash plan is the tonic to life’s nagging inconveniences which covers you against loss of income due to hospitalization. Insure yourself or members of your family for loss of income due to hospitalization as well and settle your medical bills to service providers through the hospital cash plan. Click here to request for more information on this product.

Safe Custody

Over the years, we have earned your trust by looking after your money.. FBC Bank provides custodial services for some of the most precious items in your life – jewelry, agreements, title deeds, wills etc. Call in at your branch for a discreet service.