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Women's Month: How young women can avoid self-sabotaging habits.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

“Young women tend to lack confidence. We often think, I'm not qualified enough” – how can young women avoid self-sabotaging and how did you navigate this?

Self-Sabotage is a destructive behavior that holds one back as well as prevents them from doing what they want to do. Young women sabotage themselves in a number of ways that include procrastination, perfectionism, blaming others when something goes wrong, self-medication with drugs or alcohol, comfort eating and at times through entertaining various forms of self-injury. 

As young women, we often play many roles in life which keep us constantly busy, from being an employee, to a wife, a mother and even a student. I have come to appreciate that despite these numerous tasks and responsibilities, it is very important to afford myself time for quiet reflection. Making time each day to gather my thoughts and reconnect with what really matters to me keeps me sane and provides clarity as I make decisions. 

One thing for sure is that you cannot get rid of self-sabotage if you do not confront your weakness head on. My greatest fear is failure! To overcome this, I have challenged myself to develop socially through interacting with high flyers in mentorship programs and by attending online master classes which have allowed me to appreciate how market leaders continuously overcome fear in their success journey.

My advice to young ladies? Listen to yourself first and then listen to the world. Always look back and take stock, ignoring neither the good nor bad experiences. In-fact, learn from both! – 

Article written by: Tapiwa Ncube, Loans Officer – Microplan Bulawayo