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Resourcing and Recruitment

The Group has an equal opportunity employer resourcing and recruitment policy where those who are considered the most eligible for available opportunities are recruited for appointment. A thorough selection process which involves going through an assessment centre is used to identify potential talent which the organisation carefully nurtures and develops into  fully contributing  human resource base. Our philosophy is to develop and nature our own talent as part of our talent management strategy and policy. The talent pipeline then feeds into our human resource succession planning where as much as possible appointments to more senior positions are from within as opposed to sourcing skills from the market. This is not only cost efficient but also motivates our staff through being recognised for more senior and rewarding careers. 

Graduate Training programme

The Group recruits university graduates, without commercial banking experience, from recognized universities, who pass their degrees with at least an upper second class, on a management development programme lasting not less than 24 months. The selection process is through an assessment centre, where candidates will be required to go through interviews, presentations and psychometric or personality testing to determine their suitability and potential to go through the programme. 

The Group also assists university students seeking internship for purposes of exposure while part fulfilling the requirements for their undergraduate studies. Selection interviews will determine the identification and recruitment of students for internship or industrial attachment. Students that excel during internship stand a good chance of being hired as trainees in various areas of the business upon completion of their undergraduate degree programmes. The internship programme therefore provides university  students with the opportunity to gain first hand experience in the business environment. Students studying for any commercial or business related degree can apply.

 Entry Level/Clerical jobs 

An alternative entry to the group  will be through clerical jobs which have a basic or minimum entry qualification of 2 A ‘Level passes and 5 Ordinary level passes of which English and Mathematics must have been passed with a B grade or better.

The group provides various opportunities through its subsidiaries. Students with a passion for banking can join FBC bank and are encouraged to pursue banking and finance related degree courses which they will need to compliment with an IOBZ diploma from the Institute of Bankers in Zimbabwe. Those intending to pursue non-banking careers must have professional qualifications in their area of interest such as insurance, risk management, information communication technology, human resources, audit and accounting.