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FBC Launches Virtual Banking

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

FBC  Bank has launched a ground-breaking and revolutionary Virtual Unit  which is set to redefine the local banking landscape by enabling digital on-boarding for everyone via the FBC Mobile Banking Application and USSD(*220#) platforms within 2-5 mins.

The novel FBC Virtual Unit is a fully-fledged digital banking channel which allows anyone to enjoy the convenience of opening five(5) classes of personal bank accounts remotely at any time of the day, without the need for visiting a physical branch. The Bank has deployed cutting-edge technologies and established robust systems to create Zimbabwe’s most secure and authentic digital on-boarding service that supports full KYC account opening on digital platforms.

FBC Bank’s digital on-boarding process is driven by high-tech biometric authentification systems such as facial recognition and liveness checks for supporting the electronic verification of clients’ National Identity documentation.The account opening  process is seamless, as it allows clients to be on-boarded instantly and transact  immediately  after successfully opening an account(s) digitally.

The FBC Digital On-boarding service allows anyone to open any of the following account(s) remotely from wherever they are, as long as there is connectivity at any time of the day…24/7:

  • Current Account
  • FCA Account
  • Savings Account
  • Improved Instant Card
  • Digital Wallet

FBC will deliver cards to local clients who choose the delivery option during the digital on-boarding process. Our FBC Virtual team is ready to on-board Zimbabweans in the Diaspora who are now also able to apply for FBC Accounts digitally and seamlessly transact whilst they are abroad.

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