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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two factor authentication also referred to as 2FA is a security feature which provides users with two different authentication features to verify themselves on Internet Banking. These features include a password and a security token known as One Time Password (OTP).

What is the purpose of this OTP?

It enhances security on the platform, thus safeguarding your hard earned funds against fraudulent activities.

How do I get the OTP?

When you login by inputting your existing User Name and Password on the FBC Internet Banking platform, the 6 digit OTP is automatically generated and delivered on both your registered mobile number and email address.

Why send the OTP on both my mobile and email, why not on one of the two?

To avoid inconveniences, in case there a network delay on mobile you can get the OTP on the email, the reverse is also true, should there be delivery challenges on your email, you can get the OTP on your mobile.

What then do I do with that OTP?

A verification screen automatically appears on your screen:


Enter the OTP on the Verification Code field and click Submit

What then happens after submitting the OTP?

You will automatically have access to the usual FBC Internet Banking platform and no changes have been done to the look, feel and transaction journey on the Internet Banking platform.

What happens if I input a wrong OTP?

Access will be denied and you will be requested to re-enter the OTP.

NB: You will be allowed 3 attempts, after which your user will be locked due to continuous use of a wrong OTP. Access will only be allowed upon entering the correct 6 digit OTP as received on your mobile phone and email.

For how long is the OTP valid?

The OTP is valid for 15 minutes, when the OTP expires you have to start the login session again.

Can I change my email and mobile number to access OTP?

Yes, you can visit our website and download the Internet Banking Amendment Form, complete by inputting your new details and digitally submit to your branch or our Help Centre for processing, or you may physically visit any of our branches for assistance.

What do I do if the OTP is not delivered on both my mobile and email address?

You may contact our 24/7 Help Centre on the following platforms:
Mobile (whatsapp) :+263 772 419 693/ +263 772 152 647 / +263 732 152 647
Toll Free :220 or 080 800 25/6(Econet numbers only)
Landlines : +263 242 761198 /704482/704481
E-mail :
Skype : FBC.Help.Centre