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FBC Health Provides Top-Notch Packages with Local, Regional and International Benefits

FBC Health has introduced a unique medical aid product that enables a large cross section of the market, incorporating low, middle and upper income earners to access affordable packages with local, regional and international benefits. FBC Health offers exceptional medical aid packages for non-profit making organisations, mines, corporates, SMEs and individual members, including beneficiaries and dependents of those in the Diaspora at competitive rates. Corporates have the opportunity to have customised cover in the form of selfmanaged funds. Under this arrangement, corporates are free to set up their own desired benefit plans and premiums with FBC Health Insurance coming in to offer administration services. This process involves the important input from the highly skilled FBC Health in-house actuarial team that assesses the adequacy of cover in relation to the premiums contributed, after taking into account the disease burden of the fund.

FBC Health takes pride in offering a customer-driven service that allows would be members to participate in designing the benefits that they desire at a cost that they are comfortable with. In the same vein, FBC Health does not restrict members to specific providers. It follows the footprint of its members by allowing clients to choose their preferred medical service providers. “We believe our major strength lies in being part of a large financial services group where we can leverage synergies within the group to provide value to our clients and a seamless service experience to our members. Our health insurance experience, which spans over a decade, has given us valuable insights into looking after a broad spectrum of member groups by providing ample cover especially for chronic conditions, high cost major diseases like cancer and dialysis, everyday outpatient medical events and hospitalisation. All our plans are USD denominated to preserve the value of the policy. Clients have the choice in terms of which currency to use (USD or ZWL). This also makes budgeting and planning easier due to the stability of the USD. By the same token, all our plans have an extra layer of complimentary funeral cash plan cover at no additional cost,” said Matipedza Lole (Head of FBC Health).

Mr Lole added that FBC Health Insurance offers access to top and reputable providers nationally, regionally and internationally. “In our decade long experience, we have managed to forge excellent relationships and partnerships with local, regional and international Medical Service Providers across all disciplines ranging from General Practitioners, pharmacies and major hospitals. This, coupled with a wide FBC Health Card acceptance, ensures that our members have a seamless experience,” he said.

FBC Health is a sub-unit of FBC Insurance which is part of the FBC Holdings Group. FBC Insurance had the exclusive rights to distribute, administer and underwrite Liberty from 2009 – June 2020 in Zimbabwe and was therefore the sole distributor of Liberty Health Blue Cover. On the exit of Liberty, FBC Health Insurance developed a full array of local health insurance products that are now on offer in the market.

Issued on 12 August 2021
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