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Our fully-fledged Research division and dedicated client liaison team regularly identify undervalued and over-valued stocks and promptly advise on appropriate action.

No. FBC Securities Pvt. Ltd is able to transfer sell proceeds to any bank anywhere in the world.

Refers to the number of days to settlement after a trade.

Custodians are responsible for transaction settlements on the equities markets.

A broker’s deal note upon buying/selling of the shares.

Shares do not have a fixed investment horizon, investors into the equities market can sell their shares anytime, regardless of holding period.

Depending on the performance of the company invested, it can either be semi-annually or annually at the discretion of the board.

Shares are generally long-term investment instruments; however, there are times when the market experiences marked price volatilities which could precipitate investments profit within a very short space of time from the time of initial investment. Investors are not precluded from selling their shares at such times to take advantage of the market movements regardless of time invested.

  1. There are predominantly two forms of investment returns on stocks
  2. Dividends – Either bi-annually or annually depending on invested company performance and circumstances
  3. Capital Gains – Price appreciation from the purchase price.


The minimum investment amount is $1,000.00