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Classes of business

FBC Re underwrites the following classes of business on either facultative or treaty basis.

Miscellaneous Classes


    • Directors and officers
    • Residual
    • Pensions Trustees
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Airport Owners and Operators
    • Carriers
    • Civil
    • Bonds and Guarantees
      • Crime
      • Upfront
      • Retention
      • Removal & Transit
      • Performance
      • Advance Payment
      • Customs
      • Court
      • Credit
    • Loan Protection
    • Hire Purchase
    • Mortgage protection
    • Aviation (Non Commercial)
      • Hull
      • Liabilities
      • Marine
        • Hull
        • Cargo
        • Liabilities
        • Personal Accident
        • Bankers Blanket Bond
        • Bullion In Transit/ At Premises
        • Money in transit/at Premises
        • Goods In Transit
        • Fidelity Guarantee
        • Professional Indemnity



    • Field to floor
    • Tobacco hail and Wind
    • Weather index 



All automobile risks such as personal vehicles, commercial vehicles/trucks, tractors, buses and motor cycles are insured under this class. Our facultative and treaty policies incorporate indemnity for motor own damage, third party property damage and third party bodily injury liabilities. Sub Classes reinsured under motor includes:

    • Private motor
    • Motor Fleet
    • School Buses
    • Company Buses
    • Driving Schools
    • Commuter Omnibuses
    • Commuter Buses
    • Motor Traders


The fire class targets the reinsurance of properties which can include Commercial, industrial or personal buildings, fittings, and stocks. FBC Re provides cover for:

    • Material Damage
    • Business interruption/ Loss of Profits
    • Additional increase in costs of working
    • Accounts receivables
    • Claims preparation costs
    • Miscellaneous accident risks: - burglary, money, employee’s personal effects, and goods in transit.
    • House owners
    • Householders
    • Political Violence and Terrorism


    • Machinery Breakdown (MBD)
    • Machinery Breakdown loss of profit (MBDLOP)
    • Contractors All Risks (CAR)
    • Erection All Risks (EAR)
    • Plant All Risks (PAR)
    • Electronic Equipment (EEI) – including loss of data stored in external media (increased costs of working